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Border Run - Can

Cream Ale | 5.0 ABV

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Our take on a Cream Ale. Light and smooth. Malt-forward flavour and delicately balanced hop bitterness.

A Cream Ale is very much like an American Lager brewed with an ale yeast.  The ale yeast provides more body and flavour over an American Lager yeast. Traditionally a Cream Ale is brewed using flaked corn. However, ours is made with 100% malted barley to provide a fuller flavour.

Beer Type: Cream Ale

ABV: 5.0

IBU: 17

FG: 1.6

SRM: 4

Fermentables: CMC 2row, CMC Munich, C30

Hops: Galena

Yeast: Escarpment California Ale

First Brewed:

Free Shipping within 6km of Brewery (905 Copper Cres)

Before 12PM • Wed/Fri • $40 min

$15 Flat rate shipping Ontario-wide!(per 24)

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